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      Willing 27

      Well guys,5 euros now.that is my tip cause am a barista waitress in Greece working in not crowdy cafe not in the morning and my clients are old people who wants to taste only greek cofee,nothing else.:)I used to took 35,and 20 when I was working in a family restaurant as a head waitress.7 euros as a buss girl.That s it.

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      Admin bar avatarNed

      Wow, that is not I will expect from a Greece waiter! Still if you work in the morning and it is not so busy it is possible! But then do you make enough money to have a normal life?

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      Willing 27

      Well Ned,I will dissapoint you, cause of course here, in this beautiful and welcoming country such as Greece,bosses wanted gladly to suck your blood in the name of crisis.That’s why they give you 2,5 or 3 most common or 4 if you are lucky or if you are extremely blessed 5 euros.And you know what ,we should say thank you 😛 So we usually are working 8 hours but sometimes 10,11,12 and sometimes there is no day of.Yeah I didn’t tell that.In my works there was.But I ve heard cases that there was no day of for months.So to answer your question,unfortunately Ned,we don t take the money that we deserve to live a decent life and we forced to do 2 jobs to handle and this is very difficult and stressful but we are survivors and we are proud,we are creative and we will continue fighting,even though the world might seems against us sometimes…:):)

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