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      Willing 27

      Rude colleagues of course.You have to be on them 8,10,12 hours with them and eat their fucking shit all that hours:)I mean when your beloved colleagues tells you in front of the boss”oh,you didn’t hit the sugar in my cofee”,or they tell you go a sprite with ice to the boss and you go the order and the boss tells you “what is this?Whiskey with sprite and ice”,or they gossip you or accidentally when you work their fathers appears and their stare you,their looking you from the head to the toe.So the colleagues of course.The guest they come they sit but not 8 hours.So i agree Ned that colleagues are way much better.Now how to deal with that?first patience,call manager and all this but then if you see that he or see insults you?Fuck him or she literally and i mean it….Some people understands only in that way

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      Admin bar avatarNed

      I agree 🙂

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      Willing 27

      Just one thing am gonna tell you ,they fired me because I cared a lot about my job.I cared a lot about the cofee.That’s the excuse.:)So even worst the boss.And much worse bosses.Family business.

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        Admin bar avatarNedialko Nedialkov

        Wow, Maria, do you mean they just fired you? You lost your barista job or you are talking about some past experience?
        I am really sorry to hear that but it happens! It happened to me as well! The owner told me that I have to care more about his profit than the guest’s experience and that was that! The guy was a fuck head! Don’t pay attention to people like that!
        How are you doing now?

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      Willing 27

      I lost my barista job Ned:( but to tell you the truth under that circumstances I didn’t care so much.It hurts the fact that suddenly I left without job,without money and for some time I doubt for myself.But now am ok with myself cause i know clearly that it wasn’t my fault.:):)Now am running from an interview to interview and I have to endure everybody who wants to feel superior and to show his superiority to me with an ugly way.Its ok.:) The good thing is that i discovered that I have hope,that s why I keep going despite the difficulties but I didn’t tell it to myself and to others because I was afraid that the others gonna hurt me.Thanks for asking..

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