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      “FROM BITCH TO BEAST” by Solomon
      I’ve finished sailors university. Been working as a sailor for 2 years. First year was amazing all the trips, new cities was exciting and amazing. After that it was just a routine it build up into social anxiety. While I was in a sea I felt like at home and while I was at home I felt like I’am at the island. I’m self conscious so it didn’t take long and I realize it and started to attack my fears. I quit my well paid job (compare to the one I pick at start) and started to work as waiter. Family friends was all against me, status and pay was their motives and I cant blame them.

      First job
      So first job was at pizza chain (we had 30 pages of menu, soup, pizza, pasta, all kind of stakes, salads, creps, breakfast, snacks, deserts and so on. Place was a total mess, food was just to get your stomach full, low prices (most of the food was frozen) but people who go here they know what they want since it was established chain so if you provide good service they are satisfied. Most of the days I had full station from morning to closing. Cleaning my station for free (off my working hours).
      So here I go first day at work, no training, 30 pages of menu, no clue how our Computer works. It was a hell week I had social anxiety so co workers notice it and here was no team, everyone was busy as fuck so only you can help you. No one truly cares you here until you fuck up and they make sure you remember it.
      My social anxiety was completely gone I was working ok, but it don’t satisfy me here was plenty of better co workers. First week I progress fast but in mind of my co workers I was still clown of the restaurant. So after 2 weeks i felt confident I can work as waiter here. It was already clean in my mind I want to be the best here and learn everything I can and leave this place. After 2 weeks I take first off days to clean my mind and realize how I can improve.
      Here was a manager she was in dept so she was working without off days. Most of the staff don’t like her she was tough but she was a machine. And her emotions was so sharp. She can yell at you (for a reason) and after serve a table with face and voice of an angel. I respected her a lot, she never told me but I just felt she respects me for my hustle. First off day I decided just to look how my co workers works. So I take a cup of coffee and spectate. Manager was working as a waiter since we was always lacking waiters. First I notice she writes orders really fast, second she barely looks at the tickets, 14 drinks for 4 tables. She just grabs it and serves without hesitation. I was amazed, after the work I start talking with her, so she explain me her system and many things I don’t realize. After that day my brain starts to process new things. And 4th week at work I top sales and extra/special sales. From this day I get best stations and mask of the clown falls. Well I never was going in fights with co workers and just ignore their jokes. Work and learning was more important, after I learned all the basics I just relax and enjoy their company (only one here, most of the people was hating their job here). Kitchen starts to like me since I don’t yell at them if they fail or food is delayed. So if I fail they do it with a smile too {At start I had to pay my money for my mistakes) I felt good working as a waiter here, but some gems of this place hurt me too much. In the end I felt I learned everything here and moved on. (4 months)

      I had enough money to live and confidence I can find a better job. So I just left my job. After a week I started working at some casual restaurant with nice food. Chef was amazing, did teach me lots of things about food. Here was just me and another waiter working (always together Tue to Sun) she was so depressed working as waiter and even telling me this it was disgusting to listen to it. And our boss was such a money whore. Those regulars always coming with tons of complains, just to complain. Can you imagine making gluten free main course for 10 people, guess what drinks they drink ? Yes you are right it’s the beer! Mains comes they request extra side dish. Its on their table in 2 minutes. Main course Is not hot enough now. Ok lets do another main course and I make sure about sides this time. Its cool I come with everything, bitch changed her mind, after the wine she wants fish now (I poured a wine 3 4 times while she was waiting for her main course, lady clearly was waiting till main is done or just clearly knows she can relax and change her mind how many times she wants because “she knows the owner”). And same bullshit stories over and over again. Every second evening. I took zero fucks from them and they could see it. My face, smile confidence don’t change and got only bigger with more shit they give me. After 4th time they visit it all changed I read their routine completely. Before they think I am already doing it. Their behavior changed and I was proud of myself. That was only reason keeping me here to dismantle those regulars it was a challenge. Owner was ignorant asshole I come to job early to get ready to a service I finish late to clean it I serve all those “I know the owner” gems and dismantle them to a normal guests. At the start when they come its like fucking 3rd world war Owner visits just to greet them, kitchen FOH praying to god and so on… Later on I just prepare the table and we good (kitchen, owner doesn’t even know its them) and this depressed bitch next to me works less earns 200 more than me ? Because she works 1 year here ? Hello ? All the owner can say to me, well Simon you don’t have enough experience and lets say Bitchanny already knows all the regulars and has 6 years of experience in serving industry. Was clear to me nothing holds me here anymore, good experience with “I know the owner” meme. Still good friends with chef. She visits my restaurant I visit her to this day if I have questions she is number one to ask !
      (Excuse me for curses I have great manners just telling some stories without them it is not the same (hard to express my emotions)

      So I had recommendations from my ex co-worker to forget everything and just grab this well paid job. Main difference here I was working at a pub. Many drunk wild and so on people. Also many tourists. So first I learned how to let myself free, personal way of service. Also tourists I started to make conversations with them. Simple “Whats bring you to “Lithuania”? Afterwards you jump to their topic or recommend some places to visit since we all know locals is the best guides. They visit those places and comes back for more . Also we were working at main street where all the restaurants/bars where located so most of the staffs were visiting to take a beer or a little bit more  after the work. So I made tons of relationship, working at some top hotel for my off-days till this day. Long story short made good money learn something new made new relationships. Place itself was a total mess, but I had my little restaurant at my station where all the flaws were not shown.


      Summer I had some offers. But all of them were meh. I just wanted to go next level. Money was secondary. Were working at some private parties day to day, still some time at that top hotel lounge and parties just looking for my next big thing, not a regular job.


      So first FD restaurant i work, and first professional staff. I was working here since opening this means a lot to me, to know all regulars, make relationship with them, know all the menu and so on. Everyone is friendly, we joke around while we free, visit new restaurants not just regular co workers. But when service starts we switch. That’s perfection baby. And that’s not just FOH. We are one team as a restaurant, we as waiters cant praise BOH too much but they are cool i guess that’s payout for all of previous hell kitchens i were working with. Don’t want to go to specific details but manager and chef is pretty much ideal personal/work wise so what else we need? Vibe, food for your heart and even more, exceptional service. This brings exceptional guests and tips. For now i am new at this level, but i am already thinking how to get to next level 

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      best story and good luck sir
      MR.ned we need like this stories as a motivation please

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        Thank you Marwan,
        I am trying with the stories! There are so many young people that have succeeded with our job in the last two years! I am trying to make them all write their story!

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