Waiter Training Forums How much money a waiter makes as a TIP in your country? How much money a waiter makes depends on a lot of things!

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      Hi guys, I get asked this question a lot!!!
      That is why I ask now for your help! Let’s make that clear!
      A young, inexperienced waiter will not make as much as a head waiter with a lot of years of experience and vast knowledge of F&B.
      At the same time a young waiter or even a trainee in Switzerland could make ten times more money than some head waiter in Dubai or any other part of the world, because the salary in Switzerland is very high ( as it is the cost of living though )
      So here is my answer: The more you learn, the more experience you get and the harder you hustle the more money you will earn!
      I was making 1 100 dollars as a waiter in a small family restaurant in South Florida.
      Then I moved to a Yacht and Golf Country Club near by and I started making 2 400 dollars a month!
      My next job was a fine dining restaurant on the Hutchinson Island and I increased my income to 4 000 dollars a month (in the winter only).
      Then I moved to Vegas and my first job was a breakfast waiter at Holiday Inn. I couldn’t make enough to pay the rent and the car loan!
      My next job was lunch waiter at very nice Italian restaurant on the Las Vegas Boulevard, making around 1 200$ a month (nothing!)
      Then I moved in ranks and eventually became a head waiter, making around 4000 – 5000 dollars a month!
      The last job I was working in Vegas was a banquet Waiter at The Venetian Las Vegas! I was making so much money that it was crazy!
      The last few years I have been working in Europe making between 1500 euro (at the beginning without much of German language) up to 5 000 euro in the winter season as a head waiter in a top fine dining restaurant!
      I should say, it is a pretty good living, no matter what people think about me!
      So what is your story?

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      Willing 27

      Hello everybody.Ned mpravo for your big tips,am sure my mentor,that you deserve every single dollar of them. You have right tips depends from the position you have in your work and from the country and also i must say from which time you work and from the place,if there is a hidden or a crowdy place.Cause if you are a barista waitress and you are in Greece and you start working in 4 to 11 in the evenin not in the morning when people come/ and you work(in a place that is in a center but not in the heart)/and all your clients are old men that drink greek cofee,never tasting something diferrent /well my tips are not so big /are 5 euros maximum.!

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        You mean 5 euro a day, right?

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      Willing 27

      Yes Ned,per day,am buying my favourite ham cheese pie and a refreshing ice tea peach with these money before I go to work sometimes:):)

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      You can live ok fine life with 800 eu

      Well established chain (was first work, so tips was not existant at first) first month maybe i earn 600, next months it was 1200-1400.

      Same chain just a leveled place just add 250.

      Casual restaurant, with with never ending guests 1800.

      At irish pub, it was summer season, 2000 +

      Now at newly opened fine dinning restaurant, depends how many people we have, but i dont need to hustle as much as previous jobs, peoole just needs more attention, and you need to focus on details its around 1800+ a months i just need more data to be exact!

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        I assume that is pretty good money, my friend! There are places in Austria and Germany where waiters don’t make that much!
        Good job! Keep it up!

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