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      Willing 27

      So my story it’s not fancy.It has nothing.But it has everything.Its true and it’s from the heart.Well when I first started I was a buss girl in a hotel,it was difficult and I was clumsy.When i was first carry a tray I was lost,i was nervous and I was weak and inconfident.6 from now I manage to be a head waitress in a family reastarant and now I am a barista_waitress cause i have had barista lessons.1 month from now am gone be bartender/barista/waitress cause am gone have had bartending lessons.I watched your video Ned and I believe personally that you help the other not only practically but also mentally.I hope some day to meet my mentor.Well to end my story ,my dream is to learn and learn and keep learning no matter where I work.

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      It is such an amazing story Willing and I really mean it! Not because what you have worked or will be working now, but because you are one of those people who never stop learning and improving! I love people like you! Everyone should be like you if they want to succeed in life! Never stop learning and never stop improving! You have been busgirl, waitress, barista and now barkeeper and to do so you have gone through training!
      And you have no fear from the new and unknown or if you have such, you are strong enough to overcome it and move forward!
      You are right! Your story is simple, you work in Hospitality but it is also an amazing story of a girl with determination and a girl with a passion to learn!
      I too hope that one day we will meet! Thank you again!
      My best wishes with the new job,

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