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      Hi guys, Ned here from The Waiter’s Academy.
      I have three important messages to share with you and at the end I have a little story about my own life that I believe will give you a little inspiration.
      1. First and foremost: The Waiter’s Academy will start the first Online Waiter Training Class on Oct.10th 2019. The class is free for everyone in the world and you can sign up by visiting the website, click on sigh up and then click on the Waiter Training course and Enroll for the class!
      2. Second – only those who have signed up and enrolled will get a link on their emails for the live stream lessons and be able to attend.
      3. From now on there will be no more live streams on YouTube! All live streams will be conducted on the website of the Waiter’s Academy and you will get an email with a link to participate if you wish! Links and times will be posted on the social media channels of the Waiter’s Academy (FB, WhatsUp, YouTube Community, Instagram)

      Waiter’s diary! The beginning!
      I was desperate to live the country! It was 1993, I was 22 years old college student, with no money, no job, no future in Bulgaria! I wanted out but the borders were closed and no country was willing to accept Bulgarian immigrants at no cost! I applied for Great Britain’s visa: DENIED; I try for Holland’s Visa: DENIED; I wasn’t even allowed to cross the border with Greece! We were caught, arrested and then returned back into Bulgaria! Nothing seemed possible! Until one day, my sister called with a great news! I could start a job on a cruise line if I lied on the interview that I speak English and I have experience as a waiter! I was a good liar and I was confident I could fake English and waiting skills for a interview! My English was broken at best but I started immediately practicing all the sentences I was going to use for the interview and I hoped I was going to be able to understand what they are asking! The interviewer was Bulgarian woman and she was a friend of my sister! That was my best chance to escape from Bulgaria! Once on the ship I was going to learn fast what being a waiter means! I had no doubt I could do it! Someone just had to show me thing or two! It was the off course a complete disaster! I was barely catching a word or two from what the girl was asking me and I was just repeating the sentences I have memorized during the few weeks before the interview! Unfortunately, the Bulgarian girl wasn’t alone in the room, I was sweating in front of three people, two of them where from Cyprus and where there to attend the interviews and decide who was to be employed and who not! I left the room totally exhausted and depressed! I had no chance! I had failed! Two days later, my sister called me and told me to pack my bags! I was selected as a waiter for Luise Cruise Line’s ship Princes Victoria! I don’t think I have to explain what was the feeling in my chest and what kind of screaming and jumping I treated my friends to, once I heard the news! I didn’t know how and I didn’t care! I was selected! My new life was starting now! The salary was 334$ a month and we had all expenses covered! I didn’t have to pay anything! I had to just get on the buss with all other Bulgarians selected for the job and board the ship! The contract was for 8 months and we had to sigh that we agree to work longer hours (more than 10 hours a day) if needed! The truth is that I was going to sign the contract even if it was for 50$ a month, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day! That’s how desperately I wanted to live my country! Looking back to those days, I have to confess that those months on the ship were the hardest time in my life! I turned into the Black Sheep from the first day, as soon as my manager understood I didn’t speak English! The second day he found out I had no idea how to carry tray and serve tables! On the third day I was late for work! I have never in my life before worked worked for someone else and definitely not from 4 o’clock in the morning! This is when I got my first punishment: Two weeks general cleaning and I learned that life on the ship for people like me is 16 to 19 hours work and not much else! So that is how everything started but things got even worst after the first week! I was so hungry! I had worked 16 hours! I had no sleep and no real food for days! My cabin was next to the air condition system on the ship, but there was no air conditioning for the crew! The temperature in the cabin was over 40*C and I could not sleep from the heat, the noise and the vibration! By the time we finished serving the guests there was no food left for us in the crew compartment and anyway I was the only one from the waiters that was searching for food down there! All others were eating in the restaurant from the left overs from the guests! For this, though, you had to have some friends in the kitchen to give you food! I had none! Now I had no chance but to go back in the restaurant and ask someone for food! For my luck I got in the kitchen just before the chef to dump a tray with steaks into the waste basket! -You man, can I have one piece? – I pointed to the meat in the tray. The guy looked at me with such a contempt, blurted something like “Go fuck yourself” and dumped everything in the garbage before my eyes! To say that my dark mood darkened even more is a huge understatement! I went completely rough and unconscious! I started yelling and punching the fat man, screaming and trashing everything around me! It took just few seconds to find myself surrounded by all the cooks in the kitchen and everyone was punching me and kicking me with anything they could! Suddenly I was lifted by many hands, holding my legs, hands, hair and I was thrown out of the kitchen and in the restaurant, landing hard on my back and crushing few chairs! It was a miracle I didn’t get fired! I was no one’s favorite person and my life was a pain and suffer but I was determine to stay as long as they left me and learn the job and earn some money! Well, my friends! This is how my waiter’s life started! Off course the beginning was the worst time I have ever had as a waiter! Not the everything was perfect from then on but I can say that with every other day the things got a little bit better! The book about my life will be posted on Amazon in two months and everyone who wants will be able to buy it and read the story! It is very thoughtful and very entertaining story I can promise you that! Thanks for sharing some time with me! I hope we will have many more occasions to talk, learn and celebrate together! Take care of yourself and stay out of trouble! Ned

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      Test Comment!

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        Touching story, but you were brave, strong, and ready to change your life,
        This is story is a motivation. Thanks for sharing Ned.

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      Kevin IzazagaKevin Izazaga

      What a great way to begin a great life…….. being thrown out of the kitchen and getting fucked up………. haha I’m glad and proud of you that you kept working no matter what and are where you are today thank you Nedialko Nedialkov

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        Hahaha Kevin, it wasn’t a great feeling at the time but I learned my lessons! At the beginning everyone was hating me, but with hard work and more respectful attitude I made almost all of the them friends!
        Not all of them though 🙂 🙂 🙂

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      Toshpulotov Umedjon

      Touching story. Everybody meets such a hard period at the beginning of career. I am for two years with you on this website but just now I am reeding this story 🙂

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