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      Hey guys,
      since I get a lot of questions how to handle rude guests or rude coworker I decided to start this topic and we can discuss it and maybe find a solution! I will say that this is the worst aspect of our job (as any other) and this is what makes most people leave a job!
      I have the video about dealing with rude guests and I think it will help you handle those situation!
      About what is worst: rude guest or rude colleague my opinion is that the rude colleague is way much worst than a rude guest!
      The guest comes and goes but the colleague stays all day and every day with you there! Dealing with someone like that is tough!
      I really prefer to confront a rudeness outright because if you keep quite and let the rude person do his shit, he or she will get even bolder and start really harassing you! My experience is that rude people are actually weak people and once you confront them, they will back off 99% of the time!
      What do you think?

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      Well at first you should read people and process it, how to fix it. For example i had rude bartender. She yells and after you can feel she is sorry for it. So i just honestly talk to her. That i dont make it a big deal out of it, but others do and thats a problem, so please even we do some shit just tell it in a good manner, you know i help you with those beer kegs for a reason, you are great co worker and it feels good to help each other !

      Guests! Make their complaint valuable first. I always tell them. Thank you for being honest! Sometimes they accept your excuse as thats not your problem. You make it to next level. Our goal is to make your experience as best as we can, we take responsibility for each others mistakes! That makes you look like boss and all the staff too. I make sure my manager visits a table and shows attention too.

      Since you calm them down, gather as many information about a complaint. If you have power list 3 options to solve a problem or ask 2 minutes and get to know what you can do for them.
      And attention anttention attention! You gotta talk, people should feel its ok to complain, because it is, you shouldnt eat if you dont like it.
      I tell my honest thoughts at the end. Thank you for your honest opinion, in a subtle way tell them comments of chef how he respond (if we bussy) i explain the situation, that we were busy, i had no chance to talk with a chef but we have a meeting after a shift and we will discuss about it, and its really valuable for us to manage our guest expectations.
      People should feel they are welcome even they are rude. Do you really believe they are rude all the time? Or haven’t you been rude? Dont take it personally and imagine your feeling when you have a problem. Even someone help to carry bags opens doors for you how you feel? Yes you can make real connection with people after comolaints, rudeness, and most important real tips and feeling you can do anything. In one sencence you should have healthy look on those situations, and show more attention to those guests, most the time they have big expectations if you match them you earn a big tip.
      Good luck!

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