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      Hi guys, believe it or not I too hate some aspects of our job and as a matter of fact quite few aspects…
      Most of all I hate rude people and bullies! Unfortunately we encounter a lot of those two in our Industry because we deal with a lot of stress and some people cannot handle stress very well and because there are some people who think that the waiter’s job doesn’t require high IQ and they could be as stupid as fuck and still work as a waiter….which is not the case!
      There is another thing that I really hate and I have had endless discussions with restaurant and hotel managers about that: Overload!
      There are some managers who think that they can make a killing on Christmas or some other holiday and they will sell three times the capacity of the restaurant, won’t call for extra hands ( squeezing maximum profit) and then expect you to handle all this with the highest standard of service! This is what drives me crazy! Those people are usually very dumb and they are not just few of them in our business!
      I like to give my guests the best service they could ever receive and come one new hotel manager (true story) and tells me that he has opened a new station in the banquet hall for 98 people a la carte service for the Christmas diner, which he is certain I can handle without problems with one back up waitress, cause I am so fucking good!!!
      Well that didn’t end so good up but that is another story!
      What is your story, guys? What do you hate about your job?
      Best regards,

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      Willing 27

      Hello guys,there are some bosses that they know nothing of good service and when you try your best to be a good waitress and to sell bottles of wines and to decorate,to advertise and generally to level up their restaurant,they don’t want it and they treat you very bad.Also there are some bosses that they give you 2,5 euros per hour.I hate when the boss doesn’t speak you in a gentle way.I hate when there are many bosses in a job.I hate when you go in a new work and there is a unfriendly environment cause in every job you can find 2,3 assholes.I love my job but in this period of my life i am so tired of people.

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        Admin bar avatarNed

        Maria, I am reading your post and it is like I have written this words! There are always 2-3 assholes in a restaurant and they have poisoned the team and it is really unpleasant job! You have to find the few worthy people their and try to change that but it is not easy at all especially if you are the new waiter in town! And when the manager or owner is one of the those assholes….well, I just say “fuck off, I am out of here”and that’s it! There are some things not worth fighting against!
        Thank you for sharing, Maria!
        Best of luck in the future,

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      I was just asking myself this today! One of my absolute pet peeves is when customers are just so eager to grab the drink out of your hand – or a hot soup or anything you’re about to give them. Customers should just move things out of the way on the table if if necessary. Sometimes maybe customers assume they’re helping, but sometimes I see the look in their eye and how excited hey are just to have that drink that they literally couldn’t wait for Another second !!

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        Admin bar avatarNed

        T13hartnett, are you working in a bar?
        People don’t realize how dangerous is to take something from the waiter’s tray!
        I have had some very unpleasant experience with this kind of action even from people in the business!
        But if this is what upsets you most about your job, I will say you are really a lucky one 🙂
        Thanks for sharing and for being here!
        Best of luck,

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      Rude customers who ignored me when he/she asking about the speciality. And my manager who makes promises to customers , they will have a table in 15minutes. While our restaurant is so busy. I trying to refuse them, tell them. That we were full, and most of the customers who sittings is just arrived. And we also have reservations really close. When I said apologies coz I don’t have any space, my manager comes next to me, and accept the guest. The customers said “see, i will get a table” while my manager gone without tracks.. and that guest asking me, where is my table. I fell like so dumb and stupid, so stressful. Just take a time and resign. Tommorow I got an interview at the villa, hopefully get better customers and bosses

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        Admin bar avatarNed

        You have done the right thing Teguh!
        I can relay to your case! I worked for two years in a restaurant where everyone is top vip and we cannot refuse any request and the guests are allowed to sit and eat even after the closing hours! This is all day, every day! We made great money with those rich people but money is not everything! I changed the job and now you will do the same! There is always a better job if you are not feeling happy at your current one!
        Thanks, Teguh!
        Best of luck with the interview and come to tell us how is the new job going on!

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