Waiter Certificate

The Waiter’s Academy is a free service, so every waiter/waitress could take advantage and improve his/her knowledge and skills as well as obtain a waiter certificate. Although our classes are free, we do not compromise with the quality of knowledge and skills every waiter/waitress needs to show to receive a certificate. We strongly believe that having good food and beverage knowledge will help you not only get to the top waiter jobs in the world but will make your life better.
We applaud those who have taken the time and have put the effort to learn.
The people who have completed the tests and the final exam are the ones who will succeed in the Hospitality Industry. You will find their names here with the serial number of their waiter certificate. If the name and the serial number you are looking for don’t match the name and the number on this page, it is most probably a fraudulent certificate. Please contact us before you take any action so we can verify the authenticity of the document or its falsification.

waiter certificate
Certificate Serial Numbers and Names:

000 001 – Prathamesh S. Dichwalkar

000 002 – Anand Kumar

000 003 – Anurag Negi

000 004 – Santosh M Santosh

000 005 – Dinesh Menon Vasudevan

000 006 – Margaret Christina Puguh

000 007 – Saran S A

000 008 – Adel Alotaibi

000 009 – Umedjon Toshpulotov

000 010 – Marcela Lepore

000 011 – Ismail Abounouss

000 012 – Timothy Kelly II

000 013 – Zet Caevin A. Castello

000 014 – Nurshod Umirzakov

000 015 – Oyindamola Rashidat Nofiu

000 016 – Ikechukwu Robinhood Kalu

000 017 – Jaime Alvaro Osorio Huatuco

000 018 – Ann Nekesa Masate

000 019 – Console Oluchi Ikechi

000 020 – Adeyemi Olujimi Theophilus

000 021 – Dimitri Dourmas

000 022 – Andrea Galantini

000 023 – Kanybek Raisov

000 024 – Christopher Annan

000 025 – Brenda Tambokuisa

000.026 – Karen Felix Da Silva

To obtain the free Waiter Certificate from The Waiter’s Academy you have to sign up for the free online waiter course and complete all the tests successfully! That will allow you to set up a date for the final exam and if you pass the video interview with one of our trainers you will receive the certificate!

The final exam will take about an hour and the trainer will be asking all kinds of open questions. It is up to a trainer to decide if you have accumulated the necessary knowledge and reward you with the waiter certificate. If the trainer decides that you have not learned the material of the course well enough you will have another chance to retake the final exam within two weeks! If you fail again, your account will be terminated and you will have the right to sign up again for the course and start it from the beginning!

If you have any questions you can reach us at:

email: office@waitersnetwork.com

Facebook: The Waiter’s Academy

WhatsApp: https://chat.whatsapp.com/Hu38JsV3zbt3KY6Ri116mC