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Our Story

Learn a little more about us.

The Waiters Academy is helping new restaurant servers as well as experienced restaurant waiters to develop new skills, improve their level of restaurant service and ultimately achieve a success in life! We are committed to provide high quality restaurant training videos in order to help raise the standard of life of every waitress or waiter! It is a great way to make a living and the negative image of our job is completely undeserved! If you are employed in the Gastronomy or thinking of getting a job as restaurant server feel invited to subscribe and support our cause with helpful comments and spreading the message!

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Know how

“Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world usually do.”
Steve Jobs

We are crazy enough to believe we can change the world and the lives of the waiters all over the world.
At least for those of us who strive for perfection, who are willing to put the hard work and the long hours of learning in order to achieve
a better life and happiness.
Because working as a waiter could be a great way of making a lot of money and living an exciting life!
You just need to know how!

Our Education 03

Our Education

We can teach you everything.

Our education is free for all the waiters in the world.
Here you can learn all the service procedures a waiter needs to perform in the restaurant as well as specific skills like selling and up-selling, handling guests complaints and dealing with rude guests. We teach you world cuisines, coffee and tea service, food and beverage terminology. You have unlimited access to our trainers to ask question and share information.
Our video library covers everything you might need or encounter in the field of hospitality industry!All you need is desire to learn and improve your knowledge and skills!
We wish you a lot of success and bright future!
The Waiter’s Academy