About us

Our Story 01

Our Story

Learn a little more about us.

I created The Waiter’s Academy to provide free training to anyone in our industry who wants to improve their knowledge, skills, income, and life! As a result, we touched and changed the fortunes of thousands of people worldwide during the first five years of our existence.
However, now, we want more!
The Waiter’s Academy has become the Go-To Site for everything F&B. We work directly with restaurants and hotels worldwide, providing full-scale FOH training for their staff.
Our individual students have the option of a 100% refund if they complete five F&B courses within 30 days, and we offer a free 30-day scholarship to those who cannot afford the initial fee (terms and conditions apply).
The feedback from our partners, students, and fans around the world has been tremendously rewarding!
The more we grow, the more people we reach and help.
We can achieve that only together with you!
Thank You!

Our Mission 02

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the hospitality industry by providing top-notch education and inspiring employees to perform at the highest level of their potential. The Waiter’s Academy will open 100 in-person schools globally, where young people will learn to be professional waiters for free. We will change the perception of the waiters’ jobs as being unthankful, hard, and low-paying. But we can do this only together, by making the companies profitable, the guests happy, and the world a better place.

Know how 03

Know how

To create our program, I used my training from the top companies in the world, my 30 years of experience in Hospitality, and my knowledge of business, finances, and leadership. We teach our students the highest standard of service, but we also teach them how to bring value to their company, guests, and co-workers. We want our students to be future leaders in Hospitality and change it for the better.

Our Education 04

Our Education

We can teach you everything.

For individual students, we offer free and paid modules!
On our Blog Page, you can find all tutorials and lessons for free!
If you are planning a career in Hospitality, we suggest you join our paid training. Take full advantage of the Courses, Certificates, and F&B Diplome you will receive from The Waiter’s Academy.
Our training includes the following Courses:
Waiter Training Course
Junior Barkeeper Course
Young Sommelier Course
Busser Training Course
Restaurant Manager Course
Basic Wine Course for Waiters
Beverage and Beverage Service
Coffee and Tea Course
Leadership Class

About us

It all started in Las Vegas at Grand Lux Cafe at The Venetian!

At first, I didn’t understand why teaching and training us for almost two months was so important. We were just waiters!

But then it hit me! Those people run a restaurant that makes 25 million dollars a year in a super competitive market! So putting their waiters through vigorous training was the secret that helped them stay ahead of the pack.

For the last 20 years, The Grand Lux Cafe has been the fastest growing and most profitable restaurant company in the world because they invest millions of dollars in training their staff.

So how could a small family restaurant compete with that?

The idea behind The Waiter’s Academy is to provide top-notch training for a fraction of the price a restaurant will have to pay to do it itself!

Outsourcing the training will save you money, time, and effort.

On the other hand, not training your staff will bring you pain and suffering until you eventually lose your business.

Think about it!

How cool will it be if your restaurant has a 97% guest satisfaction rate, your average check goes up 30%, and your profit increases by 50%?

Now imagine that this happens in four weeks, and it won’t cost you a single penny!

Well, it is not just in your imagination! Those are cold facts!

For the last five years, The Waiter’s Academy has helped hundreds of restaurants achieve that by providing comprehensive training for their FOH employees for free!

The secret is that we teach the waiters not only world-class food and beverage service. We teach them to be top sellers, handle guests’ complaints, be leaders, and work as a team. As a result, we guarantee they will see an immediate increase in personal income from TIP and a much-improved work environment.

The restaurants benefit from everything we mentioned above, reduced operational cost, lower employee turnover, and much more.

During my three years at Grand Lux, I became a certified trainer, and since then, I have trained hundreds of waiters all over the world.

The Waiter Course at The Waiter’s Academy is based on the training I received at Grand Lux in Las Vegas, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz in Switzerland, Schlosshotel A-Rosa Kitzbühel, Austria, and almost 30 years of experience in Hospitality.

I understand you have doubts and a lot of unanswered questions.

My hunch is that you saw one of my videos (posts) or someone mentioned The Waiter’s Academy to you. Whatever it is, I am super glad you are here because we can help you.

A quick look at the incredible feedback from our trainees will be a great testimony about our proven record.

Twenty-three universities and colleges worldwide send their students to learn and practice with us. Here are some of them:

California State University, Fresno / University of South Florida / Arizona State University / IQS Barcelona, SP / Hoa Sen University, Vietnam / Quest International University / Pasadena City College, CA / University of Arkansas / Uta Valley University / South Dacota State University, and many others.

So if you still have questions like:

Can you, guys, really do the job? – Yes, we can! 100%! We are doing it as we speak.

Will it be worth the money? – You will make more money from improved sales and guest handling before you even pay us a penny. So your money will be worth thousand times over. Here is why!

How long will it take to see results? – You will see immediate results. Your staff will start acting differently from day one. Guest complaints rate will go down, and the average check will increase.

So, are you ready to leave and miss this great opportunity to take your business to the next level?

No bad feelings! I wish you all the best, and hopefully, you will achieve great success on your own.

And if you are making the right choice to put us to work for you and help you reach your maximum potential, I want to say: