If you inspire to be a waiter or work as one, and you want to improve your skills, gain new knowledge, and work at the top restaurants in the world, we have the perfect training for you with the option to be free of charge!

Our Lifetime plan for waiters is 29.99 USD, but if you complete all five F&B courses within 30 days, you get a full refund, and the training is free! In addition, you will receive a certificate for every course you have accomplished and a diploma for graduating from The Waiter’s Academy!


Currently, we provide the following training:

  • Waiter Training Course
  • Junior Sommelier Course
  • Busser Training Course
  • Basic Wine Course for Waiters
  • Beverage and Beverage Service Course
  • Coffee and Tea Course
  • Leadership Class – how to become a leader

Coming in 2023:

  • Junior Barkeeper Course
  • Restaurant Manager Course

the waiters academyHere at The Waiter’s Academy, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive, professional training that puts waiters in the top 10% of our industry and helps small restaurants compete with multi-million dollar restaurant chains by delivering the highest quality service to their guests.

For the past 5 years, more than 10 000 waiters have used our tutorials to gain knowledge, improve their skills, and land top jobs!

Meet some of our students:

Peter Uzunov – after spending ten years at Starbucks, with Ned’s help, I became a waiter in a five stars hotel in Austria. In the next five years, I built my career to land a top job at the best hotel in Switzerland and started making up to 10 000CHF a month. Now, I am an assistant restaurant manager at the same place with many opportunities to grow when I decide to make the next move.

Ariel Nagy – I started as a barkeeper, then moved to a waiter, became a restaurant manager, and then returned to work as a waiter. Ned and The Waiter’s Academy helped me raise my level and land a great job. Now, I am making eight to ten thousand dollars a month and just bought my wife a brain new Audi Q5. This is a good life!

Edgars Skulte – I managed to complete all the courses even though there were some issues with the Tea test, but the most important thing is that I learned a lot. I think that You are doing a really amazing and important job, Ned! I don’t need any refund as it is only a small tip for everything You do! You are the best online teacher for restaurant waiters. Nobody even comes close with all the knowledge and experience You share here.

waiterYour pocket guide to success!

Waiter’s Life is a book that holds all the secrets to a successful career in the F&B Industry with real-life examples from my own experience in the United States. I wrote it with the intention of helping change people’s lives for the better! You can have it for free!