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This free online waiter training courses will not only teach you how to be a good waiter! Just being a waiter or a waitress is not enough! You want a career in the best restaurants in the world, you want to make great money and live an amazing life. That is what this is all about!

You will learn how to get a new job, how to win a job interview, and grow in the Hospitality Industry. Those online courses will give you the wine knowledge, the food knowledge, and the skills to be the best waiter in the world as selling and up-selling in the restaurant, how to handle the guest’s complaints, or how to deal with rude guests.

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Inside you will find countless waiter training videos that will show you a solution for every situation you might encounter in the restaurant as a waiter/waitress!

As most of you are new waiters ( beginner waiters) we will start from the basics as:

-What it is to be a waiter – you will learn about “mise en place”, “service procedures” and requirements for the service employee.

Furthermore, you will learn the Rules of service and how to wait tables in a fine dining restaurant: what is served from the left or the right side of the guests, who is served first at the table, and who last.

Next are the practical lesson about Carrying trays, Carrying plates, Serving food from a platter and etc. You will read, learn, and watch videos so every procedure is clear and you can practice at home and get ready for your first day at work!

We want you to be an accomplished waiter/waitress once you finish the class and be ready to jump right in at your new job and amaze your managers and co-workers!

Therefore we will introduce you to the most important F&B Terms used in the Restaurant Industry. You will know what is Hors d’Oeuvre, Mise en Place, Flambé and many more.

Your selling and up-selling skills will be polished so you can turn into the best seller in your restaurant and impress everyone around you. You will know how to sell wine, how to sell appetizers, desserts, and more.

Then you will learn how to behave and how to handle guest’s complaints! Very important skill if you want to grow in the Hospitality Industry and become a manager!

You will learn how to react in the case of really angry and rude guests, as that might happen once in a while in our job.

Wine service( How to open a bottle of wine), coffee service, and tea service are part of the restaurant service and part of the waiter’s job so we will teach you how to be very good at those!

If you are a waiter/waitress with experience you might be interested to join the class with the next lesson!

We will teach you the steps of service and how to follow them and how to perform every one of them.

Greeting the table

How to take the drink order

How to take the food order

How to bring the bill and send your guest home.

Next, you will learn the Standards of Leading Hotels of the World so you are prepared to work for the best restaurants and hotels in the world!

There are many more lessons to be learned like Hygiene, Setting up tables, Bussing tables and etc. and they are all included in the Online Waiter Training Courses!

It is all up to you if you want to learn, become the best waiter in the world and live an amazing life, or stay mediocre and complain about the waiter job as many others do!

The best thing is that we give you all this knowledge for free!

Join our community of waiters around the world and start living the good life!

Best of Luck,

The Waiter’s Academy Team

Waiter Training Course Free
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Waiter Training Course

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