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Waiter Training Course Description

How The Waiter Training Course could help you right now and in the future! This is your fine dining service training manual.
Whether you are a career waiter, a student who wants to earn some money through college or you are a person who wants to start earning some quick money while figuring your future out, working as a waiter could very well be the right decision!
This Waiter Training Course will give you all the necessary information and skills about the waiter’s job from a small family restaurant to the top fine dining establishments in the world!
Although waiting tables was once seen as a lower-class job, nowadays working as a waiter requires a vast knowledge of wine, food, and service rules but could be a very profitable job earning you more than 10 000 dollars a month!
This waiter/waitress course will not only give you all you need to become an excellent waiter or waitress but it will guide you through the different stages in our industry as finding a job, applying for a job, winning the job interview, and growing from a waiter to a supervisor and a manager! One of the best perks in our industry is the opportunity to grow in ranks in just a few short years.
Your knowledge and your experience in the hospitality industry will give you a huge advantage in any other field you decide to develop later on in your life and in our waiter training courses we study human nature, selling and up-selling and how to handle complaints and difficult guests!
By the end of this waiter training course, you will have the knowledge, the skills, and the confidence to apply at the top fine dining restaurants in every country in the world!
Join us for free and start living the good life!


To receive the waiter certificate you will have to complete all the tests on the lessons successfully and the final exam. This happens in a live video interview with one of our trainers. You will be asked open questions and you will have to show substantial knowledge and confidence.
It is up to the trainer to determine if you have learned the material and deserve a certificate. In case you fail you will have another chance within two weeks to take the final exam again! If you are still unable to convince the trainer that you have the necessary F&B Knowledge your account will be terminated and you will have to start the process from the beginning if you still wish to receive a certificate!
The certificate will only serve you in front of an employer as proof that you have taken the time and put the effort to improve your skills and f&b knowledge! It is not a government or University accepted document!

Course Content

Total learning: 14 lessons / 10 quizzes Time: 4 weeks



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