We the people!

we are people

Strange creatures are we the people!

We move through the stages of life busy to reach the next one until one day we realize the life is over and we are left alone facing…God!

We are born as helpless babies and the only thing we know and our whole world are our mom and dad!

Then we grow up a bit and as a kids we discover our grand parents who are so much nicer than our parents that we naturally fell in love with them and kind of take back some love from our parents.

Few years later we discover the most beautiful thing in life and that is friendship! We find friends and we find a whole new world and this is all that matter for us as teenagers that we start ignoring and in some instances hating on our parents and grand parents!

But then come something even more beautiful and that is love! The first love hit us with a hammer and all we want is to hold her or his hand and gaze into each others eyes…who needs bunch of idiots who get drunk and talk shit to each other! We forget our friends but here is where things start to get interesting in life!

Everyone knows what it is to get your heart broken! Pain tears your body apart and your heart is bleeding and all you want is the comforting hands of your mom or the shoulder of a good friend to cry your pain away on! We generally look back to the people who have given us selflessly their love and friendship when we are face with hardship.

But life goes on and we find love again and we go full circle again!

Our love is everything for us…until the kids come around! The real most beautiful thing in life and probably the highest stage in one person’s life! We adore our kids and we giving them all our love to the point where we have no love for the love of our life or for anyone else for that matter! We grew apart, we grew old devoted to our kids! The thing is that those kids also grow up and go through those same stages as us and they run away chasing their own dreams and we are once again brokenhearted and looking for comfort! Will we find it though? Is the love of our life not pushed too far away, are our friends still friends, are our parents and grand parents still alive!

Suddenly the time to give account has arrived!

Those are hard times if we have ran through life just chasing dreams not acknowledging the people who have help us achieve them!

So no matter at what stage in your life are you right now, look back and appreciate the people who have given you the love and support to get here! Give them a call, ask them how they do, say thank you and maybe love you!

Because we never know when will come a time when we will call those same people but because of need not because of love and appreciation…and it matters a lot, you know!

We could be better, people!

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