Steps of Service: Fine Dining

steps of service restaurant

Here are the Steps of Service for Fine Dining Restaurants with audio and video examples:

The following Steps of Service will help you find a job in the top restaurants in the world, become a better waiter and earn more money:

  1. Greet the guests within two mintutes (Video)
Greeting the guests

2. Present the menus and the daily (chef’s) specials (Video)

presenting the menu and the chef’s special

3. Offer aperitif and water (Video)

suggest aperitif
suggest a bottle of water

4. Present the wine list (Video)

presenting the wine list

5. Serve the aperitif within 6 minutes. Ask for questions (Video)

serve the drink order
ask for questions

6. Take the food order. Repeat it to the guests and send it to the kitchen (Video) (Video)

taking the food order
repeating the food order

7. Take the wine order. Suggest another aperitif if a guest has finished the first one (Video)

Taking the wine order

8. Prepare the table according to the guests’ orders: silverware, glasses, etc. (Video)

setting the table according to the guests’ order

9. Present and serve the wine (Video)

Presenting and serving the wine

10. Serve the food (Video)

Serving the food

11. Refill glasses if necessary, suggest more drinks (Video)

ask for a refill of wine glasses

12. Two minutes – two bites check (Video)

two minutes – two bites check

13. Clear the plates and the used silverware when everyone is done with their meals (Video)

clearing the table

14. Repeat steps 10 to 13 with the next courses

15. Remove the main course plates, silverware, butter plates, breadbasket, and condiments (Video)

16. Prepare the table for dessert, offer coffee and tea (Video)

serve the dessert
offer coffee and tea

17. Serve the hot beverages

18. Serve dessert (Video)

19. Clear the plates and the used cups. Offer digestive (Video)

offer digestives

20. Present the check (Video)

presenting the check

21. Take the payment

taking the payment

22. Thank your guests, wish them well and welcome them back to the restaurant (Video)

thanking the guests for their business

For a complete, detailed tutorial on the steps of service, check the Sequence of Service post!

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