How to apply the highest F&B service standards!

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Learning the Standards will give you all the tools and knowledge to be successful in Luxury Hospitality!

Those steps of service are the ultimate sequence of service in the F&B Industry implemented by the most luxurious hotels in the world and fine dining restaurants.

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Be aware that here the examiners will not only assess your knowledge, technique, and speed! They will observe as well your emotional involvement with the guests!

Phone, reservation service, and greeting the guests

  1. Answer the phone within 3 rings or 10 seconds with an appropriate


2. Ask for the caller’s name and use it during the conversation

3 . Ask for the number of people dining, the dining time, and the

telephone/room number

sequence of service and becoming a top waiter


4. Repeat and confirm the details

5. Thank the guest at the end of the conversation

6. Once a guest enters the restaurant he should be greeted or paid attention to within 30 seconds

7. If the guest had to wait, we should acknowledge this and apologize for the delay

8. Within a minute of their arrival, the guest should be placed at a fully prepared table

9. The waiter or the host has to offer help with the chair, remove excess place settings, and present the menu/wine list


In fine dining restaurants, the lights are toned down and we need to offer an alternative light source for the menu (e.g. menu lamp)

11. A fine dining restaurant should always have blankets available if a guest feels cold.

12. If there is a single guest at the table, the waiter should offer a newspaper while the guest is waiting for the food

13. When presenting the menu, the waiter should explain the specials of the day and the sold-out dishes.

Restaurant Service Sequence

14. Within 2 minutes of taking a seat we should offer the guests a drink. Name a minimum of five different beverages

15. We should always offer to the guest the option to order a bottle of water or a jar of tap water

16. Take the order for food and beverages within 10 minutes of seating the guest

17. The waiter should be able to answer any questions about the menu and its components

18. The waiters and the kitchen should accommodate any reasonable off-the-menu requests.

19. When taking the order, the waiter must ensure he has understood all the details and special requests

20. When taking the food order, the waiter should apply suggestive selling, offering appetizers and side dishes

21. After taking the order, we should offer the guest bread and butter or dips

22. The waiter or the sommelier must have excellent knowledge regarding

the wine list and be able to recommend a wine that pairs perfectly with the meal

23. Drinks should be served within 5 minutes of the order

24. Always use a drink tray to serve or clear drinks, glasses, and bottles

25. Appetizers should be served within 15 minutes of the order or previous course unless the employee advised of a delay due to preparation times

26. The main course should be served within 20 minutes of the starter being removed or within 30 minutes if no starter was ordered unless the employee informed the guest of an expected delay

27. Serving should be done with as little disruption to the guest as possible

28. The waiter should ensure that everything that was ordered was served to the guest before moving to the next task

29. If the meal required extra condiments, fresh pepper, or sauces, the waiter should anticipate that and bring it to the table without waiting for the guest to ask for it

30. Once the guest has finished a bottle of wine, water, or any other drink, the waiter should clear it and offer another one automatically

31. The dishes should be cleared within 3 minutes of the guests finishing their meal

32. The waiter must remove the side plates, the side knives, butter, and cruets, including crumbing down the table on completion of the main course

 33. The waiter should offer desserts by presenting the menu to the guest or explaining verbally

34. The dessert should be served within 10 minutes of ordering, except in the case the waiter informed the guest of an expected delay

35. Always offer coffee/tea and asked if the guests have some special wish

36. Coffee/tea must be served within 5 minutes of ordering

37. Serve the coffee or the tea with milk and a selection of sweeteners

38. Once the guest is done with their drink, the waiter should voluntarily offer to refill it

39. Apply suggestive selling at the end of the dinner and offer a digestif

40. A waiter or a manager should stop by the table and ask if the service was satisfactory

41. Once the guest is done with dinner, presented promptly the check and accept promptly the payment


42. The waiter or sommelier should present the wine to the guest and open the bottle at the table

43. The waiter should let the host taste the wine and pour in the right amount if the guest approves of it

44. Make sure the wine is served at the appropriate temperature

45. The waiter should provide wine service throughout the evening by refilling the glasses

46. When we are serving drinks from a bottle or can, the pouring should be done in front of the guest

47. Offer another drink within two minutes as soon as the first drink was emptied


48. The waiter should have a clean uniform, proper haircut, and a name tag

49. The employee’s speech should be clear, jargon/slang free, and use of English adequate to be

fully understood

50. The waiter should engage the guest in a well-paced, natural, friendly, and interested manner

51. If the waiter knows the name of the guest, they should use it during the service, without overusing it

52. The waiter should display a high level of confidence in the process of carrying out his/her duties

53. We should strive to provide service that is anticipatory/intuitive and be able to adapt to meet the guest’s


54. If possible, personalize the interaction in some way and engage the guest as an


55 In front of the guests, the team should collaborate seamlessly to ensure service is organized and professional without being intrusive or repetitive

56. A waiter should actively listen, keep an eye-contact and give the guest their undivided


57. At all times the waiters should maintain alert postures and respect the guest’s presence

58. The waiters should display self-control and empathy in challenging interactions and offer a suitable resolution for the guests

59. All staff have to offer a sincere farewell at the end of the dinner and show



  • Dimas aditya adiputra
    February 13, 2020

    I am a new waiter in hospitality industry and i am eager to know how to be a success hotelier especially in f&b department, how to make an engagement with a guest, how to be an expert explainning the menu, and many other i would like to know, thanks mr. Ned. My regards

    • Ned
      March 3, 2020

      Great Dimas! I like people who want to learn and get ahead in life! You can learn everything right here on the waiter course and from the blog post!
      Ask questions on the WhatsApp group or me directly! Best of luck!

  • Zubair Hussain
    February 13, 2020

    From Pakistan

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    I have been on the waiters academy group chat for a long time …it has been tremendously helpful ..but still we need help on getting better opportunities outside the country we found our self …I hope this will help us please we call on employers and noble establishment to help lots of us reach our dream jobs and destinations ..

    • Ned
      April 4, 2020

      I am working on it Adedokun! The new project “” will give an opportunity for everyone to apply for a job abroad and for every company, no matter where in the world they are to offer a job to the best candidates! May 1st we should launch the new platform! Be ready!

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  • jacob machibya
    September 5, 2021

    l don’t understand why you say coffee/tea are served 5 minute and you say the sometime that coffee/tea/juice are served within 3 minute

    • Ned
      September 8, 2021

      It’s 5 min. If I have said somewhere 3 it is a mistake

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    February 17, 2023 an organization that brings disaster to employees..and has the right to lose their job !

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