How to be a good waitress with no experience

how to become a waiter without experience

If you want to know how to be a good waitress with no experience, you are probably at a crossroads in your life…

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It doesn’t matter if you are 16 years old or 50 years old!

You can start working as a waiter/waitress if that is what you want or if that is what you see as your last resort!

I know that you have fear! Starting a new job is stressful and you have a lot of doubts but this is absolutely normal!

I have been a waiter for almost 30 years now and I train and supervise new waiters daily. If someone can tell you how to be a good waitress with no experience, that’s me!

In this article, I will give you all the tips you need to make your transition into a waiter/waitress much smoother and easier!

So, let’s start it!

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Be prepared mentally and physically!

The physical part is connected to working long hours on your feet and running around carrying heavy trays and plates! The feet will hurt, your back will hurt and your hands will hurt! The body will be exposed to a completely different kind of stress and it will take a week or two to get over the pain! Being in good shape helps! Ware the most comfortable shoes you can find also helps! Make sure you don’t buy new shoes and go to work! Spending 9 hours running around in new shoes will destroy your feet and if those shoes are fancy but not comfortable…you can damage your feet!

Be prepared to carry heavy loads of food trays or plates! Knowing the proper procedures of lifting and carrying trays will protect your back and body from injuries and pain! Learn how to carry three or four plates to the guests and serve them! Learn how to bus table and carry the load back to the kitchen the easiest way possible!

No matter what you do and how well you prepare yourself, you will have to deal with the pain and the soreness from the first few days of work! Stay strong and don’t break down! It will go away!

Mental preparedness

Here it gets a little bit trickier! It is not easy to be a rookie! You most probably be the punching bag inside the restaurant and everyone from the guests through the wait staff till the kitchen staff will take advantage of you!

There are exceptions to this scenario, though! There are restaurants where the working environment is one of hard work and respect for each other! If you are lucky enough, you will have a great time and your transition will be much easier!

Those places are exceptions, keep in mind! In our industry, there are a lot of ignorant, rude, and aggressive people. You will find them within the wait staff, within the guests, and within the cooks! It is no different than in any other industry! There are a lot of great people too and those are the ones who you will look up to and pay attention to!  Put your head down and work hard! Also, try to learn fast! Learning fast and working hard will earn you the respect of the good people around you and it will make your life much easier!

Be prepared to make a lot of mistakes! Making mistakes is part of the process! The trick is to learn from those mistakes and don’t make it again! If someone tries to put you down because you have made a mistake, don’t get angry, just ignore them! Say “I am sorry. It won’t happen again” and move on, don’t blame yourself and let it stuck into your head! Move on!

Stress and Training (how to be a good waitress with no experience)

Those two are very well connected and the sooner you understand that the easier your life will be!

Hotels and restaurants are always trying to cut the cost and therefore the training of the staff is almost none existing nowadays! In America still, there are some great companies where you will get a month’s training before you even see the restaurant but this is rare!

Most of the time you will have one or two days to follow and watch someone while doing a bussing job and then you will hit the floor full time! This will bring a lot of stress to your head!
The waiter job is very stressful anyway, but when you have to perform it without the proper training and knowledge it gets really ugly! My advice is: train yourself! Don’t wait till the reality hits you in the face!

Watch this video to learn how to be a good waitress with no experience.

You can use the Free Online Training Course to prepare yourself really good and be ready better than anyone to hit the floor at full speed, but this is the minimum you should do, before your first day at work:

What to learn (how to be a good waitress with no experience)

  • Ask your manager to send you the menu and the wine list and make sure you learn it through
  • Start carrying three or four plates around your house and serve it to your mom and dad
  • Find a tray and start carrying drinks around the table. Serve it and clear it until you feel confident
  • Stay in front of your family (or mirror) and greet them as if they are guests. Practice the steps of service with them
  • Buy a cheep bottle of wine and open it as a waiter! Try it few more time. Make sure you can do it
  • Set the table at home the way they are set up in the restaurant! Be fast and efficient
  • On your first day at work learn the table numbers in the first 5 minutes! No more!
  • Ask your manager or colleague to show you the computer and practice with it as long as you can
  • Ask your manager to let you be a food runner at least for a day so you can learn what every dish looks like and be able to recognize them and explain them before you start serving the guests
  • Ask specific questions for anything that is not clear but don’t ask annoying questions which answers you can find yourself
  • Be polite, friendly and humble with your colleagues and the kitchen staff.
  • Try to learn as much as possible by observing what the other people do and say
  • Work hard, learn fast and don’t give up!

Now guys, imagine someone who comes on his first day to work and is very well prepared with all the things we discussed above! How do you think your colleagues and your manager will treat you from the day on?

Now imagine that you go to your first day of work not being able to perform anything of the things we mentioned above! What kind of treatment will you get?

The difference will be incredible! We don’t need more stress or rude people around us! We all want a better-quality life! By being prepared, you will achieve it much faster and much easier! That’s why you should know how to be a server with no experience from day one!

For a step-by-step tutorial on how to prepare for your first day of work click here!

Finding a job

There is one more thing! Finding your first waiter job! It won’t be easy but it is not impossible! This post is named: How to be a good waitress with no experience, so I assume you have a waitress interview, no experience, no nothing on your side but you want this waitress job!

If you are interested to learn, you can click here or just watch the video! You will never fail on waitress interview even with no experience.

Best of luck and don’t hesitate to ask questions or comment!



  • Ali
    March 22, 2020

    It is really good ……

    • Ned
      March 28, 2020

      Thanks, Ali, I appreciate that!

  • Ssekazi Geofrey
    August 21, 2021

    Good lesson.

  • Gangadhar saw
    October 11, 2021

    I have been working in f&b 6 years never explain about what is waiter.
    Now read I very inspired sir !
    I have decided that I follow you and increase my memory .
    Because my culture is wilde man never think Not my family educated me for that . Now working in Mumbai .

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