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Food and Beverage Life! Is it worth working in F&B Industry?

Food and Beverage Waiters

Hi guys, I work in the Food and Beverage Industry for almost 30 years now!

First of all, I have to say that I have never been happier in my life! A lot of things contribute to my happiness but mostly it is my wife, my health and my job!

I hope that all of you have found or will find the right person in your life to make you happy as I am. 
I also hope and pray to God that we all stay healthy and live a meaningful life!

But it is the job that I want to talk about and share my experience with you!

I work as a waiter for many years now although I went to college and graduated in Marketing and Management of Telecommunications.

I worked as a waiter on a cruise line while at the University and honestly that was the hardest job I have ever had! So yes, I can relay to the young people who start now in my steps! It is an unpleasant experience but this is true in every aspect of life! It sucks to be a rookie in the army, in a sports team, in any other job around the world! The beginning is always tough!
Especially with our job, we deal with a lot of prejudice and stereotypes! Even my father constantly asked me why can’t I be a banker as many of my friends or as my wife! It was hard for him to understand that I am happy and proud of my life!

As you will see in my book if you read it, I went through a whole lot of shit in my life but all this happened because I wasn’t taking my job seriously and I didn’t have the patience and the wisdom that come with the years ( in most cases).

Once that changed, I realized that I have everything I need to live an amazing life and that has been the case ever after!

I make my money waiting tables!

I made myself one of the best waiters in the world by taking the job seriously, by wanting to excel, by learning every day more and more about the food and beverage industry and just simply hustling for better jobs and better money! This is what it took to get where I am right now! 

If you don’t know where that is, you can check my personal YouTube channel and travel the world with me or follow me on Facebook to see what I do and how I live daily! 

I work four months a year! I make enough money to travel the world and enjoy life as never before! I have all the material “toys” a man needs to say he has made it: cars, house, land… I don’t care much about this but if you do you can have it too working in the Food and Beverage Industry!

My friends who still live in Vegas are driving Teslas and Ferraris and living in huge mentions! They also travel the world and live amazing lives working in the Hospitality! 

The truth is that with our job you can have everything you have ever dreamed of! This is the truth!

Is it easy? Hell NO!!! Nothing is easy in this world! Will every waiter in the world achieve this? Of course not! Can you achieve it? Hell YES! 

It is up to you! Go get it! It is out there! The free education, the good jobs, the good life! 

Are you ready to work hard, to learn fast, to take risks? Takes all this and then some but it is possible!

So who else loves his life and his job and has big plans for the future?

Let me hear from all of you! Write your thoughts, don’t just pass on! Then share this post so everyone knows what you think and what you plan! That will give you an extra motivation to achieve your plans! 

If I can help, I will! We have to start helping each other, no one else will!

The Food and Beverage Industry is down right now big time but it will rebound and get stronger than every exactly because of this hardship! Are you ready to ride this wave? You better be! It is your life and you are the one responsible for it!
Best regards,



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