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Hospitality jobs are on the rise once again after the disastrous 2020 and many of us will land soon waiter jobs one way or another. To make this process easier I will suggest to you ten sites to help you accomplish your goal and find the job that you’re looking for.

Of course, as the creator of the Waiters Network, I would love to see you searching and finding your dream hospitality jobs on our site but we are not there yet with the top ten in the business. So let’s start it:


This hospitality jobs site offers a job search by career and location. They offer jobs all over the world. Besides, the site individual searches by hotel, restaurant, country club, and travel, they offer career advice, events, and employer profiles. Some of their employers include Sodexo, Compass, and Mandarin Oriental hotel group. They offer thousands of hotel and hospitality jobs from over one hundred employers in the United States and Canada.


This site offers verified up-to-date job listings. They have sites in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States. They also deliver relevant jobs to you directly. When you find the job you are interested in, they send you directly to the employer’s site to fill out your application. You can access your search history and save jobs that you are interested in. There is also a blog for job hunters offering tips and advice

Hospitality Online

This site offers jobs by state and category. They also have a section called popular jobs which includes a search by a hotel chain and links to larger cities. They offer hospitality jobs from executive chef to housekeeping in hotels such as Marriott, Wyndham Garden, and Moxy. 

Journal Des Places

This site offers jobs all over the world. They have a news section that includes news from employers, interviews, events, and much more. You can search for individual jobs or by the establishment. They have offers from Benoit in Paris to Le Meridien Noumea in New Caledonia. 


This site has over 2,800 companies from around the world. They have a top job list from places like Dubai, London, Milan, and Paris. Jobs are ranging from wait staff to chef. This website has articles and videos on how to successfully search for a job. They offer jobs from Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Four Seasons, Intercontinental, Marriott, and more. If you want to know more about a company before you apply for a job, there is a section about the employers on Hosco. 


This site is easy to use and has a targeted job search. Put in the position you are interested in and the location you desire, and Glass Door has jobs available for you. From executive chef to hotel management and everything in between, Glass Door has something for you. Also, they have sections on salaries and compensations and customer reviews. There are also interview questions from different companies to help you prepare for your job interviews.

Career Builder

This site offers job searches by title, skill, company, and location. They have a section listing salaries across the country. They allow you to upload your resume and cover letters. They also offer popular job searches by city, country, and category. Their blog focuses on building job-hunting skills and locating the jobs that are hiring at the moment. There is also a section that links to different hospitality networks.


This site is catered to the hospitality industry. They specialize in restaurant and foodservice, corporate, management, and hourly jobs. They have a section for featured jobs and featured companies, or you can search for all jobs. This site is for anyone interested in the hospitality business, whether you are just entering the business or are looking to move up in the industry. 


This is a basic job search site that offers searches by job and location. You can upload your resume and look over company reviews. They have a popular job title and popular company section and they also offer salary comparisons. 

Simply Hired

This site offers job hunters an opportunity to search by job title or location. They also offer a salary estimator where you can compare your current salary with local and national averages. There is a listing of top companies, top cities, and top salaries.

All those sites are fighting for a position in the world of Hospitality and you will find a lot of good waiter jobs here but we would like to give you as well the top job-sites in the world as a whole because there you will find most of the hospitality jobs and then all other jobs that are listed in the world! – This is probably the biggest site within the United States and there you will find all kinds of jobs from every aspect of life! It is not the perfect job site, as there are a lot of old jobs and jobs that are repeating but it is very useful to search for waiter jobs in every location in the United States. – if you are looking for a job in the Middle East this will be the best site to look for one! This site is also not only for Hospitality Jobs but there are a lot of hotel jobs here and they are updating their posting regularly. – mostly good for German speaking people in Europe this site is prefered partner for the top luxury resorts in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany! There are postings in English from many other Western countries but the power of this site is the German speaking countries!

Don’t forget that finding a job is only the beginning of the journey!

You will have better chance to land a good Hospitality job if you have the education, the certificates, the knowledge, and the experience.

The Waiter’s Academy offers you all this for free! Our Online Waiter Training Course is currently open to everyone who is willing to learn and improve his/her knowledge and skills. If you manage to take all the tests on the course you will have a final interview with one of our teachers and a chance for a Waiter Certificate at no charge whatsoever! Take advantage of it while it lasts!


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    For middle east BAYT.COM is popular job site. I would suggest too.

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