Waiter interview questions and answers? Prepare for 100% success!

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Congratulation, you have interview for a new job; now you need to prepare for those waiter interview questions to impress the managers and get the job 100%?

Preparation is everything!

If you follow the steps in this tutorial you will learn how to prepare for a job interview and guarantee yourself a 100% chance of a fantastic career in the Hospitality Industry!

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1. How to prepare for a waiter interview questions (find all the interview questions for food servers here):

a) you start really preparing for the interview 5 days before you go for it so you don’t forget the info by the time the day has come ( still, you can read and search for info days ahead)


b) to prepare you have to write everything so you can read it repeatedly

c) after you have gotten an offer for an interview with a company you have to learn:

-the region the company is situated in

-the specific hotel history, type of company, concept, and so on

– learn about the values this company preach and organizational structure

-learn all the outlets inside the Hotel ( if the restaurant is a part of a hotel)

– then learn the specifics about the restaurant you are going to work for

– type of food

– type of service

– how big it is

– names of the restaurant chef and the restaurant manager, especially when they are celebrities (check the profiles in LinkedIn learn as much as possible)

– go online and check the wine list and the menu, make sure that you are familiar with at least some signature items, and mention those at the interview!

– write your presentation on the language the interview will be conducted and make sure that you can talk freely about it. 

For example on the request: Tell us something more about you! – you should be prepared to talk about yourself in a fluent, convenient manner. (This is usually how every interview starts)

– When you are preparing this resume think about the details: – the point is to be able to talk so convincingly about yourself, your current job, and your duties that the interviewer should not have anything left to ask!!!

EXAMPLE: the restaurant you are working: type of service, what is your duties, working hours, food type, chef of the kitchen, wine list ( how big and what type of wine, best sellers)

guest’s type, staff training, and all this should be done in a specific professional language! Use terms that are used in our daily professional job!

(gueridon, mise en place, flambe, carving, filleting, decanting, wine service, banquet service, mirror service, flying service, and so on)

You should be able to talk about all those procedures for the last two places you have work for!

d) Next step is to prepare yourself for the standard questions during the interview ( find more interview questions for waiter here ):

Examples for waiter interview questions and answers:

A. What are your strong sides? – you should not try to paint yourself as a Perfect Person. You should choose three strong sides that you believe are the best qualities you pertain

and you should find an example for each one in your daily work to prove that you are really as good as you say.

– Work Ethic – one of my strengths is my strong work ethic. When I commit to a task, I do whatever it takes to complete it.

– Team Player – I am a team player I help gladly my colleagues when they need help and I enjoy helping new waiters to get to know the restaurant and the system

– I am a fast learner, I am looking forward to learning new things


B. What are your weak sides? – Don’t say you have none! Everyone has weak sides. Think of something that is not too harmful and crucial to your job. The biggest point

to make in this answer is to explain that you recognize your weaknesses and that you are working to improve your skills in this matter. The point about answering these questions is not to pretend or state that you are a perfectionist or a bad person!


C. Why do you want to work for this company? – To answer this question you will use the info you have learned about the restaurant, hotel, region, the chef and the management, the history

of the company, and all this while you put your own imprint on the matter. Why all this is so interesting for you? How you will bring positives if they hire you?


D. Questions about your service skills: How would you serve a bottle of wine? Which are the five basics sauces in the French kitchen? What are the types of grapes in the Champagne?

What do you know about HACCP?


E. How much do you expect to earn here – 


F. Do you have any requests or questions – Make sure you have prepared questions for the interviewers. Ask pointed and open questions like:

– When can I expect an answer from you?

– How are the work plans organized and where do you see me fit best ( lunch, breakfast dinner)

– What can man expect as a career opportunity with a start at this position

– You can ask everything you have any doubt about the position so you know what are you getting into. Many times waiters don’t dare asking questions just to end up

with a terrible job!

!!!! Make sure you learn all this and practice at home talking loud about it until you really feel you are fluent and ready to impress the interviewers!




1. Dress appropriately( smart casual) and make sure you are clean, the hair is cut and you are smiling and confident!

2. Shake hands energetically and sit in an upright position on the chair. Try to look confident but humble!

3. Wait for the interviewer to start the interview.

4. Don’t look nervous, don’t hold your hands, don’t cross your hands or legs, look the people in their eyes.

5. Once the interview starts, speak slowly and confidently about all the things you have learned during the preparation!

6. Don’t miss the opportunity to ask the questions you have prepared in advance. That will show them that you are really interested in the job.

7. Thank the managers with a smile and positive attitude for the opportunity to present yourself and tell them you are looking forward to working with them.

8. Go get yourself a drink and relax! You have done a great job! This tutorial is about food server interview questions and answers and how to prepare for them but not every interview is winnable and if you have prepared yourself and still failed, it is not because of you! It was just not meant to be! Restaurant waiter interview questions could be very tricky! Learn from the experience and move to the next one!

During your career, you will go to many interviews but if you follow this tutorial, you will have tremendous success on most of them!

Best of luck,



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