The Waiter Job underpaid and disrespected?

The waiter job sucks! This stigma starts at a young age. There is a deeply held antipathy towards the sector from too many parents, careers advisers, and teachers. Not to mention our friends who think they are more successful because they work in a bank or a factory!

waiter job

The last few years, it has gotten worst. You can’t turn the TV on without a program about food or a chef shouting at the waiters like they are some low lives or his slaves – hardly a big sell to prospective employees.

Add to that the long working hours and the petty salary and you can understand why the turnover in the Hospitality is so high; why so many hotels and restaurants are closing because of staff shortage!

Now let me tell you a story about a friend who recently went from miserable to ecstatic in one career move!
He had many years of experience as a waiter but always worked in some middle or low-class restaurants and hotels in Austria! I’ve been telling him to move the family to Switzerland and get a job in one of the top resorts there! He had the skills and the knowledge, but he lacked the initiative.
Finally, a few months ago, he made a move and got a job at the best resort in Switzerland, working five days a week and making some 8000 dollars a month!

waiter job

Suddenly, his perception of the waiter job changed drastically! I received a call yesterday from him, telling me how grateful and happy he is; making plans to move the whole family there and settle down in Switzerland! And this is just one of many such stories I have!

Yes, the waiter job is challenging and underpaid, especially at the beginning of your career! It is all up to you how long that will continue!
I know people who never learned, never hustled, and worked all their lives in the low-class joints. They never made good money, and they never liked their job.
If you are intelligent and ambitious and are not afraid to work hard and learn new things, the waiter job could be the best thing that ever happened to you!

It has never been easier to land a waiter job at a top restaurant all over the world! Only in Western Europe, the hospitality industry would need to recruit an additional 250,000 workers each year, or many restaurants and hotels will be closed!
All it takes is some experience, good knowledge, and a hustle!
You can sit around and moan, or you can be proactive. There are many waiter jobs out there who pay 30 000 – 50 000 dollars salaries, and then you make the tip. Some great places and managers do everything to retain their staff, which means an excellent working environment and living conditions! Do you have what it takes to get those jobs?

The Waiter’s Academy offers you free knowledge with our Waiter Training Course and the Free Wine Course! Upon successful completion, you will receive a waiter certificate, which will help you get the top jobs in the best restaurants in the world!
The Waiters Network helps you find those waiter jobs! We are posting daily open positions from the top hotels and restaurants around the globe! So create your profile and let those companies find you there and offer you a job!

We need more celebrity waiters and managers, not more screaming chefs. So, become one and show the world what a great job this waiter job is!

What do you thing, guys? Leave a comment, let me know to which part of the equation do you fall. Do you love your job or do you hate it?


  • Deepak Nayal
    September 15, 2021

    I Am proud to be in FnB service .
    Even though i haven’t started a career .
    I am Ready For ups and down bec of seeing too much Postivity In People who belong to industry .

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