How to become the best server in your restaurant

best server

To create a meaningful life for you and your family in our industry, you have to learn how to become the best server in any restaurant you work.

It took me three to six months to establish myself as the top waiter in the restaurants I worked. It’s a short period, but I had a secrete:
-Every time I am invited for a job interview, I prepare myself exceptionally well; I learn everything I can for the company from the outside.
-Once I get the job, I will ask the manager to send me the menu, the wine list, and the rules of service they apply so I can study them.
Those two steps will help me hit the floor running, armed with the knowledge and the skills even some of the established servers lacked.

best server

Being the top waiter means running the best station, working the best shift, and earning more money than anyone else. It also gives you leverage with the management when you need to negotiate personal perks like holidays and days off.

negotiating skills and leverage

I want you to understand that working hard and making money is not enough to achieve the good life; most people do that in our business and still live in mediocracy.
You should become a tactician, plan carefully, and execute flawlessly on any level.

So here is how to become the best server in your restaurant:
Let’s assume that you just got hired. You are the new guy, but you want to establish yourself quickly and start making money:

1. First, you show your managers and co-workers that you are a team player and a nice guy. Don’t talk too much, never complain, stay polite no matter what, and always be willing to help.

carrying plates

2. Show everyone that you are a hard worker and a quick learner. Study the menu and the wine list thoroughly, and in a matter of weeks, become the most knowledgeable waiter on the floor. Do your side work, take on more responsibilities, and never be afraid to work extra hours if necessary.

happy guest

3. Guest satisfaction – management wants to see that your guests are having a great time and never complain. You need to provide a top-notch service, meaning you have the knowledge, skills, and proper attitude. Minimize the mistakes but be prepared to handle complaints on the spot; so they never reach the manager. Learn how to small talk with your guests, and provide professional service with the addition of entertainment.

selling and upselling

4. Become a top seller – the next step is to learn how to sell and up-sell. You must be the waiter that sells the most chef’s specials, the best wines, and everything else we are required to sell. The ability to sell will put you on a whole other level than any other waiter in the restaurant.


5. Establish yourself as a leader – there is a lot to be said about this step, but shortly, you need to work on your leadership skills and establish yourself as a role model for the new servers. 

the best restaurant server

6. Properly present your case, and don’t accept “no” for an answer – usually, waiters who have covered the above five steps get too cocky and demanding with their managers. Don’t allow your greatness to blind your vision. Yes, you have become a great waiter if you are someone who does all the things we talked about above, but remain humble and keep doing everything you have done so far for the rest of your career. At the same time, you must know how to present yourself and your case in front of the manager. You don’t want them to side-step you when they write the schedule or assign the stations. Don’t accept a “Thank you” or a tap on the shoulder; you need tangible recognition for everything you do at the restaurant.

If you follow those 6 steps every time you get a new job, I guarantee you will become the top server in your restaurant and start living the good life within a few months.

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If you prefer to learn from videos, here we have some of the topics we discussed above in video tutorials:


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