Correct Fine Dining Seating Skills 

fine dining seating

Seating guests is the first point of contact they have with your restaurant. It sets the tone for their entire dining experience. Waitstaff must seat guests with grace, attentiveness, and a warm demeanor to make a positive first impression.

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I. Greetings and Acknowledgment:

Smile and Eye Contact: Approach guests with a genuine smile and make eye contact to convey warmth and welcome.
Greet Promptly: Acknowledge guests as soon as they enter the restaurant. Avoid keeping them waiting.
Use Polite Phrases: Employ courteous phrases like “Good evening,” “Welcome,” or “How may I assist you?” to initiate interaction.
Offer Assistance: Ask if they have a reservation or if they need assistance finding a table. Be ready to accommodate their preferences.

II. Knowledge of Table Layout:

Familiarity with Table Arrangement: Be well-versed in the restaurant’s table layout and seating capacity. Know which tables are available and their configurations.
Accommodate Guest Preferences: If possible, offer choices regarding seating (e.g., window view, quiet corner) based on guest preferences.

III. Escorting to the Table:

Walk Ahead: When leading guests to their table, walk slightly ahead to guide them. Ensure that the path is clear and free of obstacles.
Offer Assistance: If guests have coats, bags, or other items, offer to assist with seating these items or hanging their coats.
Indicate the Way: Point out the table with a slight gesture or verbally guide them to it.

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IV. Seating Etiquette:
Chair Assistance: If necessary, assist guests, particularly the elderly or those with mobility challenges, by gently pulling out their chairs.
Positioning: Ensure that chairs are correctly positioned for easy access to the table.
Wait for Confirmation: Stand back and wait for guests to be comfortably seated before wishing them buon apetit and excusing themselves.

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