Waitress Job Description and Responsibilities

waitress job description

What are the waitress job description and responsibilities – the waitress is a person who communicates directly with the guests about their food and beverage needs, relays their orders to the kitchen and the bar, and professionally serves the prepared items according to the guests’ desires. A good waitress acts as a welcoming host to her guests. She is a highly trained and skillful professional who possesses a vast knowledge of the Food and Beverage field.

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The waitress is a highly organized, multitasking person who knows and follows the F&B service procedures like:

Steps of service

Greeting the guests and explaining the daily specials

Presenting and opening a bottle of wine

Carrying plates and large food trays

Selling, up-selling and cross-selling

Carving meat

Filleting a fish 

and many others.

The waiters are the face of the establishment and the only people in direct contact with the patrons of the restaurant who can influence their decision making and choice! 

A genuine smile and a friendly attitude are two of the most vital characteristics of a good waitress. The specifics of the waitress job require the waitress to be physically and mentally strong.

She is someone who can endure long working hours and perform under pressure.

The waitress job description and responsibilities include the ability to handle guests’ complaints and dealing with rude guests, entertaining the guests, and maintaining their good mood and satisfaction throughout the whole evening. Therefore, developing extraordinary communication skills is a must for the waitress. A genuine desire to communicate with people daily is highly advisable!

Last but not least, a waitress is someone who can work in a team and can follow directions from her supervisor

Dear friends, I am working for over 25 years in the Hospitality Industry. I hear all kinds of nonsense stories of the waitress job description and responsibilities daily. 

Our job is hard, demanding, and stressful, and only a fool will describe it as carrying plates from the kitchen to the tables. There is nothing further away from reality than this idiotic description!

So I have decided to give you the most creative job description of waiter example you will find on the net. Those are the waitress duties and responsibilities! I would be happy if you learn that. The next time someone asks you about the waiter job description and responsibilities – use this article!

We have to be proud of what we do and not let no one put us down!

For those who think this is way over the board example of Waitress job description and responsibilities, I have this answer:

A job posting for a Server at Hard Rock Cafe Las Vegas:

The Server is responsible for taking the guests through the key phase of their Hard Rock experience. As a Hard Rock Cafe Server, you will be assuming the role of tour guide, communicator, decision-maker, entertainer, memorabilia curator, and musician (at heart).

  • Taking guests’ orders
  • Running food
  • Handling cash & other forms of payment
  • Making proficient sales transactions – using a point-of-sale system 
  • Properly checks I.D.s – for guests who appear to be under 30 years old
  • Demonstrating responsible alcohol service
  • Demonstrating impeccable product knowledge
  • Suggestive selling – using proven techniques
  • Answering questions – accurately and politely 
  • Satisfying any/all needs of the guests – regularly double-checking back with guests throughout their experience 
  • Maintaining a clean & organized station – including pre-bussing & table maintenance 
  • Performing opening, closing & side duties – setting up/breaking down station, refilling condiments, cleaning ashtrays, etc. 
  • Demonstrating knowledge of all table/station numbers 
  • Directing guests to areas & restrooms 
  • Creating memorable experiences 
  • Entertaining guests to create “Raving Fans”
This job description reflects the position’s essential functions; it does not encompass all of the tasks that may be assigned.
  • High School diploma or GED equivalents 
  • Follows all food safety & sanitation procedures
  •  In some U.S. states, a food safety certification program is required to be completed before being able to serve food or alcohol, which may include a food handlers card (i.e., California law requires this).
  • Remaining calm in a hectic, fast-paced atmosphere. 
  • Demonstrating a high level of organization, attention-to-detail, and a sense-of-urgency.
  • Displaying a positive and outwardly friendly attitude toward guests. 
  • Ability to move throughout the corporate office and cafes during visits (standing, walking, kneeling, bending) for extended periods. 
  • Ability to sit for extended periods. 
  • Ability to make repeating movements of the arms, hands, and wrists.
  • Ability to express or exchange ideas verbally and perceive sound by ear. 
  • Manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and ability to work with hand above shoulders.
  • Ability to occasionally, regularly, frequently move objects (lift, push, pull, balance, carry) up to 10 pounds. 
  • Ability to turn or twist body parts in a circular motion. 
  • Ability to tolerate exposure to heat, cold, chemicals, and loud/noisy environment. 
  • Ability to travel via auto or airplane for long periods. 
  • Must be at least 19 years old. In some U.S. states, a legal minimum age is required to serve food & alcohol (i.e., Nevada is 21 years old) – check with the person interviewing you to ensure you meet these requirements. 
  • Practicing all general safety standards
  • Maintaining a well-groomed appearance (“having a plan”)
  • Following all uniform guidelines
  • Recycling products, where possible
  • Maintaining HRC’s 5 core Values and Mission Statement
  • Your Cafe may cross-train the Server and the Busser positions. This “Server Assistant” will become a rotated position for the Servers and only used during busy volume. Please see the Busser job description.

So does anyone still think that the waitress job description and responsibilities I present to you are an exaggeration? They are not!

Being a waiter requires a lot, and therefore we deserve respect for the hard work we are putting in and the effort we are giving!


If you have read all this and you have reached this point, I want to thank you! (write your name in the comment section) I also ask you to share this article with your friends and family! Let’s educate as many people as possible about our job and our industry. Let’s make this world a better place for the waiters! Thanks a lot!



  • Maria Challoumi
    October 30, 2019

    Very powerfull meaning..The right words hits you in the brain ended just in the heart..I will use them in my manager definetely,thanks a lot Ned

    • Ned
      November 1, 2019

      You have no idea how much I appreciate your support, Maria! Thank you for being such an amazing person!

  • Justin Keitt
    October 30, 2019

    What we do is not just important for the the restaurant but to remind people what it looks And feels like to be of a servant toward one another. And no matter what they do as a profession to always be hospitable and try to to acknowledge their fellow man by providing their best service every chance they get.
    Thank you Ned

    • Ned
      November 1, 2019

      It is a hard goal to achieve, Justin, but you are absolutely right! And it starts with everyone of us changing our own ways! Thank you for your being here! Best of luck!

  • SergeyGritskevich
    October 31, 2019

    Serious thoughts. Very usefull. Thanks

    • Ned
      November 1, 2019

      It is true, Sergey, but if we don’t start taking our job seriously no one else will and I will keep seeing all those young people being ashamed that they work as waiters!
      I want to change that!

  • Kevin Izazaga
    Kevin Izazaga
    November 23, 2019

    Good description, very easy to understand and captivate, as you say we are the face of the establishment, I used to be a chef, and even though I would bust my ass, my efforts wouldn’t amount to much if my server was a slop, once I found out that servers made more money than the chefs, I was itching for a change. And I haven’t looked back ever since!!!!! thank you NED for this awesome informative presentation!!!

    • Ned
      November 25, 2019

      Hey Kevin, you are very welcome man!
      You are a perfect example of progressing in F&B and maybe you should share your story too, as few have already done it on the Forums! I think this will be great story!

      • Kevin Izazaga
        Kevin Izazaga
        February 5, 2020

        Will do so on my next day off NED!….. Im looking for a better job now… the 27th of February marks 6 MONTHS SERVING!!

        • Ned
          March 3, 2020

          Best of luck, my friend!

  • Mariana
    March 15, 2022

    I love your YouTube channel which led me to this webpage, I appreciate all the tips and good information you provide, it is really helpful and motivating. Thank you

    • Ned
      March 19, 2022

      Hi, Mariana
      Thank you so much for the kind words. I am happy to help and I hope that you will find even more help on the Website than the YouTube channel!
      Good luck!

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